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Edge Of Darkness 2nd Cover by ArcherDevil Edge Of Darkness 2nd Cover :iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 0 0 Lissa Writes Banner by ArcherDevil Lissa Writes Banner :iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 0 0 Play:List Issue 1 by ArcherDevil
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Play:List Issue 1 :iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 0 1
Dark Dreams
The world's turning dark,
You reach and find the mark,
You gasp in exquisite pain,
Outside the sky is slate and pouring rain,
You brought this down upon your head,
For what you did you'll end up dead,
There's no other route,
You psychotic brute,
She was just a young girl,
What you did it made me twirl,
Whilst this blade slices deep,
Look into my eyes and weep,
My hands they start to shake,
Oh good you're awake,
And for the remorse you feel,
It doesn't help me heal,
The blood stains red,
Against the tide I tread,
You're in for one hell of a ride,
Before your drop ends up on my slide,
You may be a beast,
But now my dark passenger shall feast,
You started out wanting to text her,
But you met me, darkly dreaming Dexter.
:iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 0 0
The Fallen
The fires burn both bright and hot,
And men decide what's right and not,
The darkness falls outside that cot,
And in this night rings out a shot,
The masses fail and walk away,
But the right and true know they must stay,
They march forth into the fray,
Hundreds lost and killed that day,
The twisted foe makes most quake with fear,
But few realise that salvation's near,
And down his cheek rolls one solemn tear,
He stands alone upon that pier,
As he fights for what is right,
He's now alone in this tomb dark night,
And to his foe he takes his fight,
His wife's face last to fill his sight,
And now he falls under the tide,
Of enemies numbering twelve men wide,
The piercing strike tears through his side,
He calls forth love for his bride.
:iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 0 0
The Slumber
That crash of thunder,
That thump of hooves,
This ring of steel,
You stop and feel,
The fire is there,
Inside your form,
Your life flows freely,
You're gone now nearly,
Your journey's end,
Within your grasp,
You reach, you fight,
2 minutes longer and you just might,
Now rest weary warrior,
Lay your head,
Upon this soft and grassy bed,
Your life is mine now you are bled.
:iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 0 0
This trick of life,
Of short cold breath,
We all run from the stony call of death,
We run and hide,
Fight tooth and nail,
As we wander up this long cold trail,
As the reaper follows,
Never far from here,
Sometimes you can find him in the looks of fear,
Rest now your weary head,
Stray naught from the direction of your feet,
At the end of the road again whence all shall meet.
:iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 0 0
Mature content
What Lucy Saw :iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 1 0
Family Tree EP Concept 2 by ArcherDevil Family Tree EP Concept 2 :iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 1 0
The Hot Gates
We march on through this dark land,
A mighty bunch this warrior band,
We march for love, for life, for light,
We shall not run but stand and fight,
We'll make our stand against all odds,
Fight hard and true against these sods,
Men stand then fall to answer Kingly call,
The sky goes dark yet he stands tall,
The Persian faith shall fail and falter,
Though our fates we cannot alter,
Now we march upon Thermopylae,
And ensure our place in mans memory.
:iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 1 0
A Child in the Dark
In the dark and fearful night,
One lost soul shall lose his fight,
In this house his guardians dwell,
But his life went straight to hell,
His children fell down to their knees,
Not just one, no twas three,
In that house in which they dwelt,
His pain and loss can still be felt,
Eons pass their graves grow old,
His lost soul long since grown cold,
Mans lifeblood shall quench his lips,
Nevermore shall he suffer whips,
Darkness offers her cold embrace,
In which our Lord shall surely face,
The ones who once tore at his form,
So he can once again be born.
:iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 1 0
The Pilgrims
That misty morn down on the field,
Neither side shall ever yield,
The men march forth their cause is true,
Those who faltered numbered few,
Their steel is sharp their foe shall falter,
They stay in rank their fate unaltered,
The archers string and nock their bows,
Steadily take aim toward their foes,
'Let loose your shafts! Blacken the sky!'
Is the order King Lionheart cries,
The arrows fly up through the clouds,
Raining down, piercing the crowds,
Their foe lose many, fail and flee,
The warriors  drop and take a knee,
They realise too late to change,
They fight not for God but their kings blood rage,
They pray now for their immortal souls,
They move like fish packed tight in shoals,
Their snow white surcoat and blood red cross,
Cannot hope to prevent more loss,
This crusade ends but is not the last,
To atone for sins the pilgrims fast,
Over the next thousand years,
This hot sandy land collects many tears,
Until we reach a new enlightened age,
Try we shall to form peace from r
:iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 0 0
Mature content
The Passenger :iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 2 0
In Memoriam
The steel grinds slowly on the stone,
All humans leave this world alone,
The cold, the dark, the bitter few,
Come and join me, take a pew,
This is for those who fell to keep us free,
They died for rights that are for you and me,
They did not know how much it mattered,
With bombs and mortars they were battered,
The masses died and more marched forth,
The went over ground both west and north,
The rifles sang and bullets flew,
The Somme survivors were but few,
The field ran red with their life's blood,
Kids say they know but none now could,
The poppies there where all once white,
And reflected the moons silver light,
In that remember the graves,
The final resting spot of the brave,
They had bunks with posters of their starlet,
And this is for those poppies that are now scarlet,
:iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 0 0
As the men march towards glorious end,
There are many wounded they must attend,
They are the Knights Hospitaller,
These men never lacked in valour,
Those Maltese Knights though tried and true,
Are sadly remembered now by few,
They marched on Acre's great stone port,
Whose bitter end now none are taught,
They helped, they healed, they cured the ill,
They marched on forth toward that hill,
That place of blood and death and skulls,
So far inland away from gulls,
The ravens there smelled mans flesh,
For now there was meat that's fresh,
They tasted all that fell there dead,
And stained the sand that bloody red,
This for the Order of St John,
Who for far too long have been simply gone,
They sewed, they cured, they carried the flame,
They tried to help but vanished just the same.
:iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 1 0
Family Tree EP Concept 1 by ArcherDevil Family Tree EP Concept 1 :iconarcherdevil:ArcherDevil 0 0


Assassin's Creed scarf by NimrodXIV Assassin's Creed scarf :iconnimrodxiv:NimrodXIV 8 5 Animator vs. Animation by alanbecker Animator vs. Animation :iconalanbecker:alanbecker 170,709 39,254 Animator vs. Animation II by alanbecker Animator vs. Animation II :iconalanbecker:alanbecker 54,665 10,100 falce della principessa nicole by carmandes-lusifer falce della principessa nicole :iconcarmandes-lusifer:carmandes-lusifer 2 0 Hiromi Oshima by Rektozhan
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Hiromi Oshima :iconrektozhan:Rektozhan 1 0
The Wall by Kylebean The Wall :iconkylebean:Kylebean 3 1 Let Them Eat Brains by Raychol Let Them Eat Brains :iconraychol:Raychol 88 26 i tried so hard. by somanyplanets i tried so hard. :iconsomanyplanets:somanyplanets 43 10




ArcherDevil's Profile Picture
Adam 'Archer' Pring
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
About Archer

Well I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember being able to hold a pad. I firmly believe that gaming isn’t just a hobby it’s a choice of how to appreciate new forms of creative arts and challenge yourself to new types of puzzles that keep your mind alert. At the moment I mostly play Xbox 360 but I also play other formats and used to be one of the millions of PlayStation gamers that abandonned ship for the Xbox when they found the pad more comfortable… Hey I think it is… so bite me.

Like most gamers the world over I like zombies, especially killing them. I like Ninja’s and Assassins, especially killing people as them and I generally like to think I’m a better gamer than the other guy. Oddly though, well in my eyes it’s odd, I’m not enthralled by Call of Duty (any of em) or Final Fantasy.

By no means am I ever going to say that my reviews are the best that you will ever read because its just my opinion on the game at the end of the day but I hope that they are informative and somewhat humorous.

Outside of gaming I enjoy reading, writing, music, films (both making and watching), historical reenactment, and just chilling out with my friends. I personally believe that I have, quite simply, the best friends in the world and am branching into book, film and technology reviews

In my free time I enjoy wood carving and free hand doodling... I don't think I'm any good but I've been wrong before

And oh yeah… Just so you know… I’m not weird… I’m English… well maybe I am weird too…

Current Residence: United Kingdom
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Big... Very big
Favourite genre of music: as above
Favourite photographer: depends on my mood
Favourite style of art: Comic Book
Operating System: MAC OSX Snow Leopard - Windows is better suited for gaming and office work not anything creative.
MP3 player of choice: sony walkman x series nwz-x1060
Wallpaper of choice: anything dark with cool contrast
Favourite cartoon character: hmmm Spawn
Personal Quote: "Don't look at me... YOU pulled the trigger!"


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